Hi, I'm Kring. I'm 18 years old (I wish), and currently a journalist (bcoz I writez gud engleesh?). Among my hobbies are drawing, playing video games, listening to music, and researching on my zodiac sign. *gets shot*

This blog, The Geek Denied, is an offspring of my frustration of being -sort of- considered an otaku. OMG GUYS SRSLY I'M NOT. Just because I like video games... (insert incomprehensible mumble here). Eh, whatever. I may just be in denial. Oh shut up Kring, you're not.


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    Clear off the bed
    and come lie next to me
    or lie with me
    or crawl under these sheets
    and die with me
    or without
    I’m used to it
    but I could get used to this

    Clear out your mind
    and sink down low with me
    or get high with me
    or hold my hand
    and lose some time with me
    or without
    I’m used to it
    but I could get used to this

    Clean up your act
    and fall apart with me
    or fall, apart from me
    or fall, a part of me
    and take some time to cry with me
    or without
    I’m used to it
    but I could get used to this

    Clean out your car
    and run away with me
    or run to me
    or put it in reverse
    and go back to the start with me
    or without
    I’m used to it
    but I could get used to this

    Cleanse your spirit
    and embrace this pain with me
    or brace for pain with me
    or take a moment to put me back together
    and just be with me, with me
    or without
    I’m used to it
    but I could still get used to this


    March 19, 2014 at 09:17pm
    Title: Daydream In Blue Artist: I Monster 19 plays

    I fell asleep amid the flowers
    For a couple of hours, on a beautiful day

    I dream of you amid the flowers
    for a couple of hours, such a beautiful day…

    I dream a dirty dream of you baby
    You’re crawling on the bathroom floor
    You float around the room and you’re naked
    Then you’re flying out the bedroom door
    I dream a dirty dream

    I dream a dirty dream

    You have to give this a listen! The way the song transitions from being seemingly pure to actually being dirty is fantastic. I’ve had this on my iPod for more or less two months now, and I still put it on repeat every now and then. :)


    To Smile  To Cry: A Transition 

    By Brosi Gonzales, January 2013



    The Lives You Never Led

    “I have a theory that every time you make an important choice, the part of you left behind continues the other life you could have had.” – J. Winterson

    February, evening.

    You are in a coffee shop downtown, staring at the busy street as you drink your coffee. It was made just the way you liked it: black, with just a spoonful of sugar. You have never been a fan of Frappuccinos nor macchiatos nor the like; you like your coffee simple, straightforward.

    You take a sip as your eyes gaze to the street just ahead of you. People walk side-by-side with their friends, off either to have dinner or to go to a party. They pay no mind to you. You pay no mind to them either; though your eyes are trained on them, your mind is somewhere else.

    You made a decision a few months ago, one which was painful but necessary. You let go of an important person in your life, one whom you cherished despite the short amount of time you spent together. You knew you were loved back, but somehow, that love was never enough. He was a priority to you; you were just an option to him.

    Bye. Have a nice life.

    You wonder: what could have happened if you never said goodbye? What if you allowed the relationship to flourish? Things would have changed. You may have possibly become as much of a priority to him as he was to you. Maybe if you gave him more time… he may have seen that you were important enough to never let go of. But you never gave him a chance. You let go too quickly.

    Does he still think of me?, you wonder. But you will never know the answer. All you can do now is imagine what could have been if you made your time together a little longer. There’s an ache of longing in your heart, and you wonder just how long it would take for it to heal. What if, what if…

    The lights of the city are reflected in your eyes, giving them streaks of white and gold. You sip the last of your coffee and get up. You head to your car and think about ordering a macchiato next time. Perhaps it would make you think about its sweetness more than it would your decisions.


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    The cure for anything is salt water — sweat, tears, or the sea.

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