Hi, I'm Kring. I'm 18 years old (I wish), and currently a journalist (bcoz I writez gud engleesh?). Among my hobbies are drawing, playing video games, listening to music, and researching on my zodiac sign. *gets shot*

This blog, The Geek Denied, is an offspring of my frustration of being -sort of- considered an otaku. OMG GUYS SRSLY I'M NOT. Just because I like video games... (insert incomprehensible mumble here). Eh, whatever. I may just be in denial. Oh shut up Kring, you're not.


In case you want to contact me (or maybe ask me out??), you may do so in any of the links below.

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    This demands to be reblogged! My absolute favorite part in The Avengers! ROFLLL

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